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Elation meets broadcast standards on France Television’s new television

“Elation luminaires increasingly meet the lighting criteria demanded by the greatest directors of photography,” said Alain Lheriteau of French distributor Best Audio & Lighting d’Elation after working with cinematographer Jean- Louis Rousseaux on a reworked decor at France Télévision Stage 2. In the spring of 2019, the national broadcaster entrusted Rousseaux with the lighting design of the Set 330, a virtual environment which extends over 360 ° and covers almost the entire surface of the decor.

The first live broadcast of the redesigned Stage 2 set took place last fall and marked the first program produced in a virtual setting on France Television. “We had to review all of the lighting for several reasons,” said Rousseaux, who reports that France Television wanted to fully equip the set with LED lights. “The versatility of moving between real and virtual sets required a much more complete and flexible installation than what existed. ”

The new set, entirely treated in marquetry of green paint, floor and walls, required a permanent lighting installation to illuminate the entire cyclorama and the floor. Black and white curtains fill the gaps at the bottom of the set and around the decor elements. “It was inconceivable to make this fully automated set when France Television contacted me for the first time,” explains Rousseaux. “We had to redo the entire grid, which is fitted with pantographs, and involved both an investment and very difficult deadlines.

The challenge was great but not impossible. After consultation with Best Audio & Lighting, Rousseaux opted for a lighting set of 22 Seven Batten 72/42/14 ™ LED bars working with 20 Fuze Profile ™ LED moving heads and 20 Rayzor 360Z ™ compact LED beam luminaires. To achieve the installation, a flying trellis for the Seven Battens was added, the result being a complete and flexible system covering 360 °.

Because the set 330 lacks height, a homogeneous mounting above the cyclorama was necessary for wide shots. “Equipped with a filter, the Seven Batten bars enabled us to light up the entire height of
the cyc, ”says Rousseaux. “Despite the spacing of the LED cells, the projected light remains diffused and fused, resulting in a very clean cyc top. When the curtains are in place, the Seven Battens can illuminate them in color or white light. The color palette and entertainment possibilities they offer are endless.

To fulfill the objective of having a fully automated assembly, Fuze Profile and Rayzor 360Z LED moving heads have been added. “The Fuze Profile is a very powerful machine, with a magnificent CRI and a very reasonable price, which is a justification that convinced everyone,” comments the designer. “The precision of its movements and the positioning of the framing boards allow the texture to be projected in the background.

Attentive to the comfort of presenters and columnists who sometimes stay on set for a long time, Rousseaux prefers a less harsh diffused light for those who spend a lot of time in front of the camera. “I find that despite the use of the gel, long periods under the lights can disturb the eyes. This is why I asked my supplier to provide a support for the gels in order to diffuse the light even more. Elation has responded positively to this request and I am waiting for the opportunity to perform tests in real conditions.

Because the overhead grille was already somewhat crowded, the LD sought out a compact light for colorful looks and turned to Elation’s tiny 7.7-pound Rayzor 360Z with a motorized zoom from 8 ° to 77 °. . “I liked its dimensions,” Rousseaux said. “This little machine is the answer to being able to make decor elements shine and is also the answer to avoiding shadows. There are always points to rekindle; its ability to be very tight or on the contrary very wide allows great flexibility.

After having thought about his choice of luminaires, Rousseaux referred to the master electrician and switchboard operator of France Television, Christian Kalfa, who joined the LD to congratulate the new lighting equipment. “Christian, who has the opportunity to work with other directors of photography and other equipment, was also convinced by the technical specifications of the luminaires, he explains, as well as by their cost, that he find quite reasonable given their excellent quality. performance.”

The new lighting system, supplied to French Television through the dealer STE Euro Light System, is used on a number of programs, Stadium 2, Les Bouddhistes, L’Islam and Le Monde en face. name a few. Rousseaux concludes: “In the long term, France Television wishes to produce fully automated sets and this project is a good first step. It made it possible to test several types of lighting in order to be able to texturize and illuminate sets.

Director of photography: Jean-Louis Rousseau
Director of Photography: Christian Kalfa
Best sound and light: Alain Lhériteau
Dealer: STE Euro Light System, Frédéric Francey

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