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Apple wants to sell you a TV, but not today

I have been an Apple TV user since the introduction of the little black box in 2010. Until today, I have never upgraded my Apple TV, but it has changed the way I consume media again. . Now, with the introduction of the new Apple TV with Siri and the App Store, Apple is taking this product to the next level. Tim Cook and Eddy Cue both said it was no longer a “hobby”.

Still, while it’s not a hobby, it will still be connected via HDMI 2 on most of our TVs, which even Eddy Cue admits. Of course, the main reason is that Apple has yet to announce its own TV service to accompany its box. If and when they advertise such a service, that’s when we can expect Apple TV to start using HDMI 1.

I think the new box and the future streaming service is a setup to start selling a real Apple TV in the years to come. What makes me feel this? The iMac.

I have been using a laptop for five years. But just a few days ago, I switched to a new 27-inch iMac Retina 5K. After using this iMac, I’m convinced Apple wants to make a TV. How? ‘Or’ What? Let’s go back to a key advertisement.

Many years ago, Apple had an advertisement that showed the difference between an iMac and a Dell. Side by side, what Apple was offering was incredibly obvious: the bundle of wires for accessories, video, cameras, and power caused a mess. Apple’s solution was simple. It was literally plug and play. Fast forward to today and you can remove two wires from the iMac, the mouse and the keyboard. Now all you really need is a wire (unless you’re charging).

Today’s TV still looks a lot like the Dell XPS on the right. Maybe not to the same extent, but it’s still pretty bad. If you have an Apple TV or streaming box, you’re probably using a power supply and an HDMI cable. If you have cable TV, you can double it. If you have a gaming system, you can multiply it by at least three. Add in some good speakers and of course a router (to get a lot of that content on your TV) and you’ve basically emulated what the Dell looks like. It’s a mess.

If Apple were to build a TV, one of its main goals would be to do exactly what they did with the iMac. Deliver great picture, with great sound and networking, in a simple, beautiful, cluster-free package.

I think this new Apple TV box is the first step. The second step will be the streaming service. Once those two are in place and working well, that’s where the third step comes in: the real Apple TV.

When will this happen? I guess it would be 2017 or 2018. I think it will be when the adoption of 4K is widespread. Yes, you can buy a 4K TV today, and yes, a lot of them are getting more affordable, but in order for Apple to be successful in selling a physical TV, it must first have leverage in these two areas. . Today, most people still use 1080P TVs. But in the next couple of years, I think 4K will start to become the default choice for new TV buyers. We are close, but not there yet.

I know what you are thinking. “The television business is horrible. There are no margins there! It might be true, but guess what? There are also no margins in the PC or smartphone sector. Margins only go to those who make high-end products with an operating system they own and control. And guess who does that better than anyone? Apple.

If Apple sells a TV, it won’t just be a stupid screen with an Apple logo on it. This will be what the iMac is to the Mac Mini. Everything will be so simple and at the cutting edge of technology that the Apple TV box will seem stupid. You might be able to get some of the features out of the box, but it won’t be as good. In fact, a report by Mark Gurman in 2013 suggests that Apple’s acquisition of Primesense, the technology used in Microsoft’s Kinect, would be in “future TV-related products”. If Apple is to make a TV, not only will it have proprietary hardware technology, but it will also have proprietary software and services. That’s where tvOS and Apple’s TV service come in.

For me, that’s the long-term goal of Apple TV. In fact, it would probably be advantageous for Apple to wait. While 4K OLED panels are just starting to emerge, Apple’s streaming service isn’t even available and apps are literally making their debut in the App Store. If Apple wants to stand up for its own TV, the best thing to do is wait.

In the meantime, enjoy your cluttered mess for the next few years.

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