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A credit without interest is possible, there are various ways in which you can borrow money without having to pay interest on it. In this case, we do not talk about loans such as revolving credit or personal loans. If you want to borrow money without interest, it is first

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Which loans are without interest?

These are relatively small amounts of usually € 100 to € 800 With these mini loans you pay on interest but service costs. Suppose you borrow an amount of € 800 for a maximum term of 45 days, then you pay € 13.81 service charge over those 45 days. After 45 days, you repay € 831.81 to the lender. The money is in most cases within 24 hours after approval of the application in your account.

It is important that this amount is repaid within the agreed term, if you do not meet this, interest will be charged. This interest will be much higher than the service costs. You can regard this interest as a penalty for not paying off in time.

Which mini loans are there?

Which mini loans are there?

If you want to borrow money without interest, you can request a quote from the following mini loan providers:

Note that these loans are not entirely free of charge! You will not pay interest on the loan, but you will be charged for using these services. It is also not possible to apply for an interest-free loan if you:

You are a temporary worker

Are self-employed

Has a benefit

Has no work or fixed income

You must earn at least € 1100

Borrow without interest wise?

Do you want to borrow without interest? You have a number of different options for this, although it is of course not possible today to turn to one of the banks. They try to make a profit based on loans. The bank will estimate the risk of the loan and propose a certain interest rate based on that. Do you want to borrow money without interest? Then you will have to look for one of the alternatives and you can at least ignore the banks.

On the other hand, which has not always been the case. A few hundred years ago you could borrow without interest because the banks at the time thought it morally irresponsible to charge you for lending money. It was whole then

charge to offer you the possibility to incur certain expenses, based on an amount that you would pay back later. Today, borrowing money without interest works a lot less easy and it is important to take this into account.

Can you borrow from a bank or other lender without interest? Then try to find out if there are other forms of costs since they are often well hidden. For example, do you get the full amount that you borrow deposited into your account and are there any administrative costs involved? It also happens that you have to provide a guarantee. You can get it from acquaintances, or pay for it at a commercial institution. These are also costs, which means that borrowing money without interest, in that case, can eventually turn out to be a bit more expensive and this is not always a good choice.


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