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No Need To Pay For Someone Else’s Microloan

Alien microloan – with this phenomenon, unfortunately, every day more and more people come across. An inattentive consumer leaves his personal data on the website or in the office of an illegal organization, then these data are either used by the same company or sold. As a result, a contract is concluded on passport data and after a while letters and calls are sent to the person that he must not forget about his obligations under the loan agreement.


Complaints of Unlawful Actions of Some Credit Organization

Complaints of Unlawful Actions of Some Credit Organization

Experts decided to take control of such incidents and help deceived citizens. If you are in a similar situation, it is necessary to send a complaint to this particular agency.


According to statistics, by October of this year, there were 6.5 thousand complaints of unlawful actions on behalf of credit organizations. In the case when experts receives a claim related to the violation of the rights of a citizen in the field of personal data processing, the agency has the right to stop any actions of the Payday Loan in the address of this client. At the moment, no organization has yet refused to comply with this order.

Now about 15% of all loans issued accounted for illegal loans. At the same time, it is estimated that, on average, up to 4 loan agreements are concluded for each “stolen” set of documents.




Representatives of the WCB Bank and the main SROs report that the number of complaints on this issue among all others is not large. But anyway, each such request is dealt with individually.

A foreign microloan, as a rule, occurs in small companies – it is for such organizations that experts should pay special attention. Therefore, as in a reliable, large Payday Loan, each new client is carefully studied to reduce the risks of the company.

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