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Temporary and professional soldiers have a very secure income and therefore have no problem getting a loan from the bank. If their credit bureau information is in order, they are extremely welcome customers who may even be given preferential treatment. For this reason, they can get a loan for soldiers on much more favorable terms than a normal installment loan for employees.

Professional and temporary soldiers

Professional and temporary soldiers

Professional soldiers have the status of civil servants and are treated accordingly by the banks. Unless anything unusual happens, your job is safe for life and cannot be terminated. Professional soldiers can not only apply for a soldier’s loan, but also an official loan, which is characterized by long terms, low interest rates and low monthly installments.

A civil servant loan requires the simultaneous conclusion of a life insurance policy, the premiums of which are used at the end of the term to pay off the outstanding credit balance. For this reason, it is not necessary for the borrower to make his own repayment contributions. He only has to pay the monthly contributions to life insurance.

Should the insurance company generate surpluses, the borrower will be involved.
Temporary soldiers cannot get a civil servant loan, but are given preferential treatment by the banks. This is reflected, among other things, in particularly favorable conditions for lending.



In contrast to the professional and regular soldiers, those serving in the armed forces generally cannot receive a loan for soldiers. As soon as their military service ends, they retire from the army, take up training or take other professional paths. For this reason, their future is very uncertain, which usually leads to banks refusing a soldier’s loan.

An exception would only exist if the military service applicants apply for an installment loan and can find a guarantor or co-applicant. A person who takes on this task must be able to pay the credit installments at any time if the military service provider is no longer able to do so.

Need money? Need it today? Can’t find lender bank?

If you find yourself saying, “I need money NOW!”, trust me. You’re not alone. If your bank account is empty and your credit cards are maxed out, what are you to do? The good news is, there are plenty of ways to get cash in your pocket in the next 24 hours. They may not all be glamorous, but you could rely on these methods in a pinch.

We are here to help. Let us hear from you in any financial needs.

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Loan despite payment in installments Sat, 02 Nov 2019 12:41:58 +0000

Would you like to take out additional credit despite payment in installments? With good or poor creditworthiness? With a high budget surplus or with a tight budget?

Credit requests despite existing installment payments can easily be approved in the automatic credit procedure. Basically, there is nothing to prevent a borrower from fulfilling additional credit requests. But, the opposite can also be the case.

We would like to help you with information so that you can get the loan you want and can afford.

Loan despite payment in installments – regular loan financing

Loan despite payment in installments - regular loan financing

Computers today usually decide whether an additional loan is granted despite payment in installments by a regular bank. The examination scheme can be summarized in a simple way. After the non-binding loan application, the program first checks the budget bill. The income must be sufficient to reliably meet the existing payment obligations and the additional credit rate.

The program usually answers in real time with the non-binding loan approval. If the additional loan does not fit into the budget, the program usually answers evasively. The process is forwarded to an administrator. In general, the prospective customer no longer hears from the bank afterwards. In the majority of cases, however, the loan approval is given. Now it is time to make the loan application binding.

You can do this via Post-ID or Videoident. Videoident goes faster. After the legally binding application for credit, the creditworthiness is checked using the score. The prospect of receiving a loan despite payment in installments is good if all payment obligations have been met on time in the past. The prospects are only blurred if there were problems, a job change or a move.

Existing credit obligations – effect on the score

Existing credit obligations - effect on the score

From a lender’s point of view, there is no logical reason to refuse additional loans. Provided that all payment obligations were always met on time and there were no other serious risk changes. Existing serviced loans affect the score only to a relatively small extent. But on the contrary. If the loans are already “old” and have been largely paid off, they even speak for additional lending.

They act as proof of contract compliance over a long period of time. However, there could be problems in taking out a second installment loan from the same provider. The reason that additional credit is not granted by the traditional provider despite payment in installments lies in the terms and conditions. Many credit institutions allow only one loan per credit model, regardless of creditworthiness.

So a private checking account with overdraft facility, a private installment loan, a mortgage loan per applicant. As a countermeasure, it is sufficient to either apply for the mostly optional credit increase or to change providers. “Pretty daughters have other mothers,” it is the same with the installment loan. Simply select a suitable loan offer from another bank via the loan comparison and apply for the desired loan.

Problem solutions – compensate for slight weaknesses in creditworthiness

Problem solutions - compensate for slight weaknesses in creditworthiness

If it doesn’t work right away, a solvent guarantor or co-applicant could provide access to the cheap regular installment loan. The advantage of naming a guarantor instead of looking for special loans is the lower interest rate on regular installment loans. The guarantor creates security for the credit institution if the borrower overestimates himself with his additional loan.

If problems arise, both the borrower and the guarantor or co-applicant are liable for the loan repayment as well as all loan costs. Another option would be to pledge a property in kind as security for the loan. However, only very high-quality goods are accepted, such as property ownership or the vehicle registration of a high-quality paid vehicle.

The third option would be to change providers. However, one credit application after the next should not be submitted to all findable credit institutions. Every legally binding and checked loan application is reported to credit bureau. Every loan refusal is saved at credit bureau and worsens the chance of further loan attempts. credit bureau only treats non-binding credit inquiries “neutrally”.

Loan search – loan with low credit rating despite installment payment

Loan search - loan with low credit rating despite installment payment

Not all free credit comparisons record credit offers with good and poor credit ratings to the same extent. Astro Finance’s loan comparison is designed to help you find an installment loan from a bank with a good and somewhat weaker credit rating. Astro Finance also does not charge a commission for loans that are arranged through the credit comparison. The loan comparison is and remains free for borrowers.

Despite the payment in installments and poor creditworthiness, the loan you are looking for can be found by a bank through the deferred credit check. If the credit rating is weak, providers check by hand in order to evaluate the credit opportunities as realistically as possible. Another option would be to contact one of the established credit intermediaries. In this case, the credit intermediary checks the credit opportunities with suitable credit banks.

Credit despite existing credit – private lenders

Credit despite existing credit - private lenders

Another option when credit banks are no longer willing to lend despite ongoing loans is a private loan. Astro Finance and Cream Bank enable serious contact with private investors within their portals. The loan would be applied for in spite of payment in installments by a private loan application.

The loan application should be well worded and understandable, showing the potential lender that the loan will be repaid safely. It would also be important to activate the free certificates so that investors can get a comprehensive impression. If a sufficient number of potential lenders recognize the loan as portable and offer it in installments, the loan is approved.

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Payday loans bad credit online -$1000| Request a bad payday loan Online Now Tue, 06 Aug 2019 10:18:12 +0000 A credit without interest is possible, there are various ways in which you can borrow money without having to pay interest on it. In this case, we do not talk about loans such as revolving credit or personal loans. If you want to borrow money without interest, it is first

$1000 | Fast 3 Minute Approval | All Loan Types | Request a bad payday loan Online Now 

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Which loans are without interest?

These are relatively small amounts of usually € 100 to € 800 With these mini loans you pay on interest but service costs. Suppose you borrow an amount of € 800 for a maximum term of 45 days, then you pay € 13.81 service charge over those 45 days. After 45 days, you repay € 831.81 to the lender. The money is in most cases within 24 hours after approval of the application in your account.

It is important that this amount is repaid within the agreed term, if you do not meet this, interest will be charged. This interest will be much higher than the service costs. You can regard this interest as a penalty for not paying off in time.

Which mini loans are there?

Which mini loans are there?

If you want to borrow money without interest, you can request a quote from the following mini loan providers:

Note that these loans are not entirely free of charge! You will not pay interest on the loan, but you will be charged for using these services. It is also not possible to apply for an interest-free loan if you:

You are a temporary worker

Are self-employed

Has a benefit

Has no work or fixed income

You must earn at least € 1100

Borrow without interest wise?

Do you want to borrow without interest? You have a number of different options for this, although it is of course not possible today to turn to one of the banks. They try to make a profit based on loans. The bank will estimate the risk of the loan and propose a certain interest rate based on that. Do you want to borrow money without interest? Then you will have to look for one of the alternatives and you can at least ignore the banks.

On the other hand, which has not always been the case. A few hundred years ago you could borrow without interest because the banks at the time thought it morally irresponsible to charge you for lending money. It was whole then

charge to offer you the possibility to incur certain expenses, based on an amount that you would pay back later. Today, borrowing money without interest works a lot less easy and it is important to take this into account.

Can you borrow from a bank or other lender without interest? Then try to find out if there are other forms of costs since they are often well hidden. For example, do you get the full amount that you borrow deposited into your account and are there any administrative costs involved? It also happens that you have to provide a guarantee. You can get it from acquaintances, or pay for it at a commercial institution. These are also costs, which means that borrowing money without interest, in that case, can eventually turn out to be a bit more expensive and this is not always a good choice.


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Credit Report Will Be Easier To Get Sat, 15 Jun 2019 05:23:04 +0000

Representatives of the EEI Bank announced a desire to modernize the system of processing credit histories of citizens in the near future. According to the KHH Bank, it is necessary to expand the types of services provided by the credit history bureau, or rather, the types of their provision to creditors and the public.


The development of new data systems

The development of new data systems

Of course, included the experience of foreign organizations. In addition, the regulator listened to the proposals of the relevant federal government bodies, representatives of the main Russian CII, as well as to various financial companies, including Payday Loan.


Soon it will be easier to get a credit history.

Soon it will be easier to get a credit history.

The EEI Bank itself is interested in increasing the speed and convenience of obtaining a credit report. According to his financial experts, this should affect the improvement of financial literacy of the population, simplifying the assessment of the solvency of its customers by credit institutions and improving the quality of lending in general. In addition to this, the problem should be solved with the excess of the level of debt obligations of Russians over their total income, resulting, as a rule, in the physical inability to pay loans and close their debts. It is expected that such innovations will reduce the overall debt load in our country.

After all the proposals of the regulator are used, it will be easier to get a credit history both to banking organizations and to the report holders themselves. Each request to the CII will be processed more quickly, and it will be more convenient to make the requests themselves. The number of channels of interaction with the bureau will increase, and the government services portal will be used as one of these channels.


Information in electornic form is legally secured

electornic information

The provision of information from the BKI in electronic form will be protected from hacking by intruders and legally secured. To do this, it will be necessary to make quite serious changes to the system of work of the CII.

It must be said that this practice of processing and transmitting information abroad is no longer a news. In Europe and America, a request for a credit history is made at each “opportunity.” If you need to rent a car or an apartment, if you want to get a new job, in all such cases your credit score will be requested. This document has long ceased to be just a list of loans taken and paid off. Now it reflects almost all actions of the holder of the document, one way or another, related to finance. In our country, as well as abroad, soon a credit score will also need not only when you need to take a loan.

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Payday Loans To The Population Tue, 14 May 2019 17:10:31 +0000 The Payday Loan does not stop its fight against unscrupulous creditors and continues to make efforts to make the financing of Russians more transparent and convenient. In her next public speech, UR Bank approved the main task of the Payday Loan – to protect the rights of consumers of financial products.

Such an extensive task is divided into several stages. Now another of them has been passed and positive results are already noticeable – the number of personal loan is decreasing, and the number of loans is increasing – this indicates that the quality of service is getting better. But, unfortunately, organizations still remain in the microfinance market, the main purpose of which remains to deceive the borrower. This is done in a variety of ways: one product is sold under the guise of another, the terms of the contract are hidden, the interest is overestimated during the provision of the service and much more.


New Stage of Regulation

At the moment, Payday Loan experts are preparing for the start of a new stage of regulation – behavioral supervision.

requirements of payday loan

In order to start a new phase, you need to prepare several bills, aimed mainly at the requirements for creditors in terms of disclosing information on the products they offer. Loans to the public should be extremely transparent, all information, all conditions and actions of the borrower and the lender should be clear to the consumer at the time of signing the contract. Self-regulating organizations, which will develop certain standards and will react quickly if they discover activities that do not meet these standards, should play a big role.

And, of course, you need to work closely with the borrowers themselves. So, as microloans are issued to the population, the population should be aware of their rights and obligations before contacting a microloan company and taking a loan. It is necessary to conduct extensive work to improve the financial literacy of Russians. Despite the fact that the main age of borrowers begins closer to 30 years, the Payday Loan is working on special programs for training pupils and students. In addition, in the near future there will be a specialized platform on the Internet, in which it will be possible to easily understand the basics of lending.

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Tired Of Borrowing Money? Mon, 13 May 2019 05:33:35 +0000

There is hardly a person who has a good mood every time he has to borrow money. Of course, some euphoria may appear, but most likely not because of the fact of the loan, but because of what this loan can be spent on. However, to feel good and after the purchase you need to know for sure that you will cope with the debt on time and you will not have problems in the future due to this.

Of course, like many other things, you should be able to borrow money. Or rather, be able to give it in time, and using such a service is not too often. To do this, you need to generally understand why money is invented in this world and how to properly dispose of it. But if there is no knowledge, then what to do? Today, in some countries, a compulsory exam for graduation from a school is a financial matter or similar subject. But not every country is practiced, and, perhaps, it was worth it … But even in countries where financial lessons are actively taught in schools and universities, not every graduate has the necessary knowledge about money and their proper circulation. Not to mention the fact that every day the rules in the financial markets, and in simple stores, change


How to borrow money less often?

How to borrow money less often?

So, how can you fix the sad situation? Even if they did teach you the basic principles of handling money – at school, in high school or at home. But in the modern world, as a rule, this is not enough. In order to borrow money less often, and generally not to find yourself in difficult financial situations for a long time, you need to change your thinking about money.


How to change the “financial thinking”?

Your monetary thinking is the thoughts and even feelings that are formed about money as a result of what you have ever heard, observed and experienced during your life. For example, take a look at the history of your relationship with money. Everything you did in the past somehow influenced the situation in which you are now.

Pay attention to all your actions in relation to money now and in the past. How do you manage your personal finances? What are you doing to achieve your goals?


What actions to take?

The most suitable example in order to explain what kind of actions are involved are credit card payments and loans that each of us has. The first step in case you have several loans is to determine which loan you need to pay more than others. For example, you personally or in your family have two open credit cards. You need to pay for each, but you have the opportunity to put on one of them an additional amount of money. One total debt is 50,000 rubles at the rate of 16%, and the second one is 20,000, but the rate is 23%. For each card, the calculation of how much is credited to the main debt, and how much interest to pay off will be different. It is necessary to thoroughly examine the monthly statement and determine how much you pay to use the credit on each card. It is possible that you have a lower monthly payment on a card with a debt of 20 thousand rubles, but the amount that goes to the expense of interest is more than on the second card. In this case, it is better to pay off the card with a debt of 20 thousand faster, so as not to overpay every month.


Improve skills to borrow money less often

Financial skills are usually divided into two groups: traditional and non-traditional. As a rule, it is understood that a person with traditional skills must keep a family budget and monitor household money. And an unconventional financial skill is to understand what kind of budgeting intensity you need in the current month or a longer period of time.

In order to borrow money less often, you need to pay attention to all three components: thinking, actions and skills. All of them are interconnected and changing one can change the other. Do not despair if you think that the situation does not change. First of all, you need to understand what situation you are in at the moment, look back in time to imagine how you found yourself in this position, and then plan further actions.


Three actions you can take today

Three actions you can take today

№1: Take time to reflect on 5 money-related memories.

These memories can be bad or good. The point is to be sure to write them down and periodically reflect on them. Taking care of our history can help us avoid repeating the same mistakes. Ask yourself a question for each item: “What impact did this moment have on me? “


№2 get a notepad to discuss money topics with relatives

Write in a notebook several financial topics for conversations that you would be interested to discuss with your spouse, parents, children, or good friends. Maybe you will be pleased to discuss financial victories, both your own and your interlocutor, some lessons from the vulgar or moments that greatly influenced the attitude to money. Such conversations should help you and your loved ones start making money easier.


№3 identify the elements you want to add to your life or improve existing ones

Think about which items in your budget should be reduced or increased. What can be added, maybe write down and plan a dream trip that will be useful for your whole family. Visual recordings of your future is the very first step you need to take to achieve a goal. Think over the moments that are necessary for these dreams to become reality.

Doing these actions on a regular basis can remove the stigma from your finances and give you the opportunity to control your financial life.

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No Need To Pay For Someone Else’s Microloan Tue, 16 Apr 2019 06:11:34 +0000

Alien microloan – with this phenomenon, unfortunately, every day more and more people come across. An inattentive consumer leaves his personal data on the website or in the office of an illegal organization, then these data are either used by the same company or sold. As a result, a contract is concluded on passport data and after a while letters and calls are sent to the person that he must not forget about his obligations under the loan agreement.


Complaints of Unlawful Actions of Some Credit Organization

Complaints of Unlawful Actions of Some Credit Organization

Experts decided to take control of such incidents and help deceived citizens. If you are in a similar situation, it is necessary to send a complaint to this particular agency.


According to statistics, by October of this year, there were 6.5 thousand complaints of unlawful actions on behalf of credit organizations. In the case when experts receives a claim related to the violation of the rights of a citizen in the field of personal data processing, the agency has the right to stop any actions of the Payday Loan in the address of this client. At the moment, no organization has yet refused to comply with this order.

Now about 15% of all loans issued accounted for illegal loans. At the same time, it is estimated that, on average, up to 4 loan agreements are concluded for each “stolen” set of documents.




Representatives of the WCB Bank and the main SROs report that the number of complaints on this issue among all others is not large. But anyway, each such request is dealt with individually.

A foreign microloan, as a rule, occurs in small companies – it is for such organizations that experts should pay special attention. Therefore, as in a reliable, large Payday Loan, each new client is carefully studied to reduce the risks of the company.

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Full Cost Of Loans And Borrowings Tue, 09 Apr 2019 05:18:23 +0000

Modern credit policy is well “tamed” most of the population. And today, if a person has chosen a new purchase for himself, he does not need to have the necessary amount in his pocket – you can take it on credit. All this simplicity, as it were, says: do not worry about anything, sign the agreement and go to the store. So, it is very important not to lose vigilance and clearly understand what you agree to when you take another loan.


Things to be consider when applying of a loan

Things to be consider when applying of a loan

When you have familiarized yourself with an attractive bank offer, remember that in addition to the basic loan rate, there may be additional expenses such as fees for processing your application, cash services, opening and maintaining an account, issuing the loan itself, and more. You need to be more careful when you take a loan from a bank and do not hesitate to ask questions arising during the paperwork. 

Also pay attention to the availability of insurance for a loan, which, of course, will also be paid by the borrower. If, suddenly, you need notary services, you can safely add payment for these services to the full cost of the loan. Be sure to read the terms of the delay and delay in payment, the ability to repay the loan prematurely, because for all these individual “services” will have to pay out of pocket.


Annual interest in the bank

Annual interest in the bank

In microfinance companies, as a rule, there are no various additional payments. However, it is important to understand that the specified percentage in the loan is indicated not as an annual interest in the bank, but daily. If you translate these percentages into annual ones, you can get a huge figure of a thousand or even more percent. However, loans in MFIs are usually taken for a short time, 14 – 30 days. In addition, in April 2016, a law was passed prohibiting credit institutions from charging an amount exceeding 400% of the loan amount from borrowers.

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