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Credit Report Will Be Easier To Get

Representatives of the EEI Bank announced a desire to modernize the system of processing credit histories of citizens in the near future. According to the KHH Bank, it is necessary to expand the types of services provided by the credit history bureau, or rather, the types of their provision to creditors and the public.


The development of new data systems

The development of new data systems

Of course, included the experience of foreign organizations. In addition, the regulator listened to the proposals of the relevant federal government bodies, representatives of the main Russian CII, as well as to various financial companies, including Payday Loan.


Soon it will be easier to get a credit history.

Soon it will be easier to get a credit history.

The EEI Bank itself is interested in increasing the speed and convenience of obtaining a credit report. According to his financial experts, this should affect the improvement of financial literacy of the population, simplifying the assessment of the solvency of its customers by credit institutions and improving the quality of lending in general. In addition to this, the problem should be solved with the excess of the level of debt obligations of Russians over their total income, resulting, as a rule, in the physical inability to pay loans and close their debts. It is expected that such innovations will reduce the overall debt load in our country.

After all the proposals of the regulator are used, it will be easier to get a credit history both to banking organizations and to the report holders themselves. Each request to the CII will be processed more quickly, and it will be more convenient to make the requests themselves. The number of channels of interaction with the bureau will increase, and the government services portal will be used as one of these channels.


Information in electornic form is legally secured

electornic information

The provision of information from the BKI in electronic form will be protected from hacking by intruders and legally secured. To do this, it will be necessary to make quite serious changes to the system of work of the CII.

It must be said that this practice of processing and transmitting information abroad is no longer a news. In Europe and America, a request for a credit history is made at each “opportunity.” If you need to rent a car or an apartment, if you want to get a new job, in all such cases your credit score will be requested. This document has long ceased to be just a list of loans taken and paid off. Now it reflects almost all actions of the holder of the document, one way or another, related to finance. In our country, as well as abroad, soon a credit score will also need not only when you need to take a loan.

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